KJZZ: Arizona bipartisan group calls on candidates to take ‘democracy promise’ to accept election results

Arizona News

A collection of current and former Democratic and Republican elected officials in Arizona are calling on all candidates running for office to pledge they will accept the results of this year’s elections.

Over a dozen current and former elected officials are supporting democracyFIRST in Arizona. The group is asking all candidates to make what they call a democracy promise with a goal of restoring what the group calls “the standards, expectations, and norms for elected officials and candidates seeking positions that directly impact our elections.”

The promise includes four basic tenets, including supporting the right of every eligible voter to participate in elections; denouncing political violence; committing not to spread election misinformation; and accepting the election results and the peaceful transfer of power.

“With these four principles that democracyFIRST put out, I hope that we can broadly accept them, put this moment in American history past us, and then focus on the very real challenges, whether it’s international or national, that are facing this country,” Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer said. “And I think that is coincidentally and happily what the median Arizona voter wants from elected officials and candidates running for office.”

Other elected officials who support democracyFIRST include Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Republican Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates and Democratic Congressman Greg Stanton.

Republican Mesa Mayor John Giles, Democratic Tempe Mayor Corey Woods and independent Chandler Councilman Matt Orlando also support the group.

“This coalition represents a powerful collaboration across party lines to enhance and protect the democratic values we all cherish,” Fontes said in a press release. “Our goal is to foster a political environment that encourages accountability and engagement, which are crucial for the health of our democracy.”

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