The democratic institutions that protect our freedoms and way of life are under attack

Extremists are trying to take away our voting rights and overturn fair election outcomes when they don’t win. This assault on the foundations of our democracy cannot go unanswered.

Defend Our Democracy

democracyFirst PAC launched in 2021 to unite the pro-democracy majority and defeat the dangerous group of election deniers and political insurrectionists running for offices responsible for the administration, counting, and certification of elections.

"Evolving and deepening antidemocratic threats could ignite election chaos, officials and experts warn"

"60 Percent Of Americans Will Have An Election Denier On The Ballot This Fall"

"2020 election deniers are winning secretary of state races"

Defeating these election denying extremists in November 2022 is the only thing that will keep dangerous politicians from subverting our Presidential election in 2024 and beyond. Join us in the movement to elect pro-democracy champions, secure free and fair elections, and end political violence in America.

Our Must Win Races

In each of these targeted races, we’re focused on supporting pro-democracy champions who are making the preservation of our democratic institutions — free and fair elections, the right to vote, and the rule of law — a central pillar of their campaigns and governance. They are committed to campaigning and governing as champions for our democracy and restoring America’s trust in the electoral process.

In November, we have the opportunity to elect a broad coalition of leaders, at all levels of government, from across the political spectrum, who will unite to put our democracyFirst. Scroll down to see our top priority and must win races, meet the pro-democracy candidates, and contribute directly to their campaigns.

In 2022, we can save our democracy:

Defeat political violence & election subversion.

Elect champions for democracy.

Safeguard future elections & put democracyFirst.

Win critical Secretary of State races in Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada:

In three of the most competitive presidential battleground states, Trump-backed candidates won the Republican primary for Secretary of State, the office responsible for actually running elections and counting votes. These three candidates are all members of the America First Secretary of State Coalition – a group of MAGA Republicans and key proponents of ‘the Big Lie’ that Biden did not win the last election.

"Mark Finchem Says Biden Didn’t Win in 2020, and He Has Big Plans for Elections in Arizona"

"2020 election deniers are winning secretary of state races"


Win the down-ballot races instrumental to free and fair elections:

Democracy is decided down-ballot, not just by the high-profile races on the top. In battleground states across the country, county commissioners, state attorneys general, state supreme court justices, and state assembly members can all have a critical role in safeguarding the electoral process. These contests are often overlooked and underfunded, which is why democracyFirst is prioritizing certain targeted races where we can have a meaningful difference. Each of these races provide an opportunity to defeat an extreme election denier on the ballot and secure an elected position with a pro-democracy champion. Click here for recent research in Ohio.


Win critical Governor races in Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin:

Trump-backed, extreme, election denying candidates won Republican primaries in the key presidential battleground states of Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The leaders of these states will help decide how elections are administered and the voting rules for 2024. It’s critical that we re-elect pro-democracy governors in Nevada and Wisconsin, and elect Katie Hobbs, a proven champion for free and fair elections, in Arizona.

"The Arizona Republican Party’s Anti-Democracy Experiment"

"Election Deniers On the Ballot in 2022 Could Upset the 2024"


Defeat the Jan 6 Insurrections and election deniers who voted against certifying the 2020 Election:

There are six House Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 Presidential election, even after the January 6 Insurrection. This group includes the only Republicans, out of 139, who took that vote and now face a competitive re-election. These races could decide the House Majority on Election Day, and have the ability to send a powerful message: the American people won’t stand for politicians who toss out election results just because they don’t like them. Each race offers an opportunity to elect candidates to Congress who will lead efforts to safeguard the foundations of democracy and help build a unified coalition for reform. There are three Trump-backed candidates for congress who participated in the January 6 insurrection, won their primaries, and now face a competitive election against a pro-democracy champion.

"They were at the Capitol on Jan 6. Now they’re running for Congress."


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Winning these priority races will help establish a clear narrative, with electoral victories as proof points, that isolates election deniers as a dangerous fringe movement opposed by a pro-democracy, mainstream, majority.