democracyFIRST Promise

As public officials who have sworn an oath to the Constitution, and who have the responsibility of overseeing elections in our jurisdictions, we commit to our fellow citizens that we will place our loyalty to our country, republic, and democracy first.

We commit to respecting the checks and balances defined in our Constitution, and preserving our electoral processes, democratic institutions, and norms, which protect the rights, freedoms, liberties, and opportunities guaranteed to all Americans.

In all cases, I will:

Support every eligible American citizen’s freedom to exercise their right to register and vote in free, fair, accessible, safe, and secure elections.

Denounce any attempt to intimidate, harass, threaten, or incite violence against election workers or against the opponents or supporters of any candidate for office.

Restore trust and faith in our democracy, and never undermine our electoral process by knowingly propagating falsehoods and misinformation

Accept the final election result and certify the results in accordance with the law after all ballots are counted. We will support the peaceful transfer of power and certification of the election. Any claims of election irregularities, or requests for recounts of election contests, will be reviewed in good faith under the law without intimidation, violence, undermining faith in elections through disinformation or other unlawful means.

We promise to partner, across partisan division and across the country, to support and defend these foundational principles of our democratic republic.

Nevada Coalition Leaders

Elected Officials


Brittney Miller

State Assemblywoman, District 5



Cisco Aguilar

Secretary of State



Daniele Monroe-Moreno

State Assemblywoman, District 1



Dina Titus

U.S. Representative




Jennifer Atlas

State Senate, District 5


Former Elected Officials, Community Leaders, and Organizations

Former Nevada State Treasurer

Bob Seale served as the Treasurer of Nevada from 1991 to 1999....

Former Clark County Commissioner

Bruce Woodbury served as a Clark County Commissioner from 1981 to 2009.


Former U.S. Representative, NV-04

Cresent Hardy served Nevada’s 4th congressional district in the U.S. House of...

Former Nevada State Assemblywoman

Jill Tolles is a former Republican member of the Nevada Assembly. She...

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