About us:

Founded in 2021 to confront the anti-democracy movement in America, our mission is to preserve the future of free and fair elections and the American exceptionalism they make possible. We’re mobilizing the ideologically diverse pro-democracy coalition that must come together to defeat authoritarianism and restore the political consensus for the central pro-democracy principles underpinning our electoral process. democracyFIRST’s advocacy and accountability programs aim to identify, isolate, and defeat politicians who threaten the future of our democracy and republic. 

The premier program for this effort is the democracyFIRST Promise campaign. The Promise campaign calls on candidates and elected officials to publicly pledge to: (1) protect the right to vote for eligible citizens, (2) denounce political violence against election workers and political opponents, (3) stop the spread of election disinformation, and (4) accept the election outcome, certify the result when all the votes are counted, and support the peaceful transfer of power. This project establishes a clear cross-partisan pro-democracy baseline for the public to evaluate candidates and elected officials. 

We actively promote and support a broad cross-partisan group of outspoken pro-democracy county, state, and national leaders and hold those opposed accountable for violating and subverting core pro-democracy principles, democratic norms, and the rule of law.