Support For Cross-Partisan, Pro-Democracy Coalition Grows With Phoenix Area Business Leaders

Arizona Press Release

PHOENIX—Today, democracyFIRST announced 12 additional members of the cross-partisan, pro-democracy coalition in Arizona. The Arizona business leaders who have added their names to the democracyFIRST Promise campaign underscore the business community’s commitment to choosing leaders who will uphold the rule of law and core pro-democracy principles. They join 350 like-minded individuals across 150 congressional, state, and local districts in presidential battleground states, united in their commitment to safeguarding free and fair elections in the United States.

The bipartisan democracyFIRST Promise campaign aims to hold elected officials and office-seekers accountable for upholding core pro-democracy, pro-rule-of-law principles when it comes to the way elections are conducted in this country. The Promise is centered on four principles:

  1. Protect the right to vote for eligible citizens.
  2. Denounce threats or attempts to incite violence against political opponents or election workers.
  3. Stop the spread of falsehoods and misinformation about the electoral process.
  4. Accept and certify the final election results according to the law after all ballots are counted.

The following business leaders who have joined the democracyFIRST Promise Campaign offered these comments:

Adam Goodman, CEO, Goodmans

“Election season often brings a sense of bitter divisiveness and partisanship. However, it also presents an opportunity to move forward. As voters and Americans, we must step back from the noise and truly evaluate the challenges we face collectively. It’s crucial to identify and vote for leaders who will prioritize democracy and bipartisanship.”

Beau Lane, Executive Chairman, L|T (Lane|Terralever) and Former Republican Candidate for Secretary of State

“Our elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, yet too many Arizonans question the integrity of our voting systems. This skepticism poses a critical threat to our state and our nation. It is imperative that we work together to restore trust in our electoral process and safeguard the foundation of our democratic society.”

Jackie Norton, Former Director of the Arizona Department of Commerce

“Our democracy is under threat from a small but dangerous group of politicians who refuse to accept election outcomes unless their candidate wins. We must confront these dangers head-on to protect the validity of our democratic processes and ensure fair and free elections for all.”

Gayle Shanks and Cindy Dach, Changing Hands Bookstore

“A thriving democracy directly contributes to a vibrant economy. Free and fair elections build the trust and confidence necessary for businesses to invest and flourish. By protecting our democratic processes, we are ensuring a prosperous future for everyone in Arizona.”

CJ Diegel, Veteran and former head of Republicans for a New President

“The chaos of January 6th underscores the urgent need to take action to preserve our democracy. It is imperative that we come together to denounce political violence and uphold the principles of fair and secure elections. I am proud to join democracyFIRST and stand alongside likeminded pro-democracy leaders to uphold the core values that define our nation.”

John Fees, CEO, GradGuard

“A stable democracy in Arizona is essential for economic prosperity, fostering an environment where businesses feel confident to invest, expand, and create jobs for everyone. Upholding free and fair elections, denouncing political violence, and embracing pro-democracy principles are crucial steps to safeguarding our state’s economic future. By doing so, we not only ensure economic strength but also promote a thriving and inclusive society.”

Mo Stein, Principal Emeritus of HKS

“Safeguarding our democratic principles is crucial for economic success in Arizona. With a strong and stable democracy comes economic stability, achieved through transparent governance and the rule of law, which attracts investors and fosters a healthy business climate.”

Ryan Williams, Attorney

“As a Republican attorney who has firsthand experience in nationwide efforts that help to ensure the integrity and fairness of our elections, I am committed to safeguarding the integrity of our democratic institutions. By standing up for election integrity, we uphold the fundamental rights of all citizens to participate in a fair and free electoral process.”

Voters across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support these four core pro-democracy principles. A pre-election survey shows that, by a 50-point margin, voters said they could never support a candidate who disagreed with the Promise, 75 to 25 percent.

democracyFirst already made its mark in Pennsylvania ahead of the November 2023 Municipal Elections. Notably, in the most electorally competitive counties, a significant majority of candidates who committed to the Promise won their elections, a testament to the power of the effort’s shared principles.

Dangerous anti-democracy rhetoric has significantly weakened confidence—in the United States and around the world—in the values, processes, and institutions that keep our country prosperous and safe. In 2024, candidates for public office must commit to restoring faith and preserving our constitutional republic, no matter their ideological differences.

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